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Dharan and Hotel Gajur Palace

A beautiful city in Nepal’s eastern region, Dharan lies at the foothills of the Mahabharata range north of the Terai region with a stunning natural beauty that makes it one of Nepal’s best travel destinations. The city is a prominent tourist center and acts as a gateway to several attractions in the eastern hills including the Kanchenjunga, Arun Valley, Makalu-Varun National Park, and Dhankuta.

Interestingly, Nepal’s second-longest river Saptakoshi runs nearby Dharan. Various ethnic groups and traditional cultures characterize the diversity of Dharan, which is also a prominent pilgrimage location. Dharan is often called “Eton of Nepal” considering a large number of educational institutions in the region.

There are also some major relegious, pilgrimage sites, natural reserves and touristic areas in Dharan namely, Budha Subba Temple, Dantakali Temple, Pathivara Temple, Pindeshwor Temple, Panchakanya, Etc Dharan Clock Tower, Namaste Falls, Hile, Basantapur, Gufa-Pokhari, Bhedetar, Namze Bazar, Raja- Rani Taal etc.

WE GAJUR are proud to establish our HOTEL in DHARAN CITY where HGP do care and are concern about our respected & distinguished guests and our people too, where we have accepted the challenge of COVID -19 implementing safety measurements keeping in mind of all safety procedures

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HGP has gone through the proper PROTOCOL as :

  1. Code Of Conduct For Operation.
  2. Physical distancing equally social.
  3. Personal protective equipment.
  4. How to manage the risk of COVID- 19 in the workplace and understanding COVID- 19 and the hospitality and tourism industry.
  5. Reporting personal health issues. (24-hour medical back-up)
  6. Maintaining personal and work environment hygiene practices. (Hygienic & Disinfectant ambiance with Contactless procedures and reducing cross-contamination).
  7. Effective cleaning and sanitizing practices.
  8. Food safety management systems on HACCP principles.

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Dharan and Hotel Gajur Palace

25 June, 2020